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We have just launched our new look website Fox McFadden Funfairs & Carousel and Funfair Hire, and writing this first blog at what is traditionally the end of our touring season is quite strange indeed! We were all ready to start the 2020 season, Pat and Lewis had been working on maintenance and refurbishment since November 2019, I was doing the backroom work and the rest of the team were ready and waiting to kick off the season.
Just before we were due to open the Funfair, news of Covid-19 lockdown came and all plans came to a sudden halt. Everything was ready to go, and for the first time in the lifetime of 3 generations in the entertainment business, we were not going to be able to “start out”. Harry McFadden Snr & Eileen McFadden are 4th generations in the entertainment industry, both Pat and myself are 5th and Lewis and Chloe are 6th generation.
Like everyone in business this was a blow, and added to that, the funfairs and Circus in Ireland who, after the month of January get “itchy feet and restless” were hit with the realisation that their whole lifestyle was completely altered. St.Patricks Day passed, Easter passed, May Bank Holiday passed and even though most in the industry started to relax and enjoy their unusual time off, as each Bank Holiday passed and each week-end passed, and ironically, every Sunday so far had been dry in contrast to 2019, restlessness set in.
Plans were made for reopening with Covid-19, compliance protocols and training in place, all the usual testing and safety documents in place, waiting for the opening phase. Being a seasonal industry and very much part of the festivals and tourism related events, as the weeks passed and events were cancelled, now in front of us was a scheduled cancelling of events right up until the end of the 2020 season.
Never forgotten, and always in the forefront of everyones mind was the devastating effect on families, loss of loved ones, and everything the Covid-19 bought with it. In this background we made the decision that we would focus on 2021. Our “start out” was gone, the “middle ” was almost over by the time the opening phase came in, and the “end ” of the season had events already cancelled months beforehand and always mindful of the second predicted wave, we played our part.
No business runs on air, even when closed, and our industry has been hit hard, first to close, last to open. But we will be back and we look forward to Season 2021, and your support will be very needed and we will be very greateful for your support.
Next week we will update on some of the things the team have been doing.

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