It’s Spring again !

Well, lots of things happening in the workshop.  With so much time to do things, the “top” of the Waltzer has been taken down and is being fully refurbished, shot blasted and galvanised eliminating the need for future paint maintenance.  Lewis has been very busy these past few months and a large amount of work has been achieved but still some more to finish.   Always finding something to do to occupy the time when we would normally be out on tour


Two St. Patricks’ Days have now passed and I’m afraid the second Easter will also pass us by. Sometime June/July might be a realistic reopening  date.  Everything hinges on vaccination roll-out.

We can’t wait to get the show back on the road and see all our friends .  We would love you to send in some of your memory photos from when you attended one of our fairs.  You can send us your memory photo on  (DM)  (PM)


We miss not being on tour and with spring  in the air we have had lots of good weather, not the usual March winds.  2019  weather was very challenging with most Sundays managing to have some level of rain, whereas 2020 saw most Sundays  and every Bank Holiday dry !  Hope your are all keeping safe and its challenging for everyone the length of time that this lockdown has lasted.   The good news for us is that Harry Snr and Eileen will get their 2nd vaccination this Saturday.  Stay safe .

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