Funfair is coming soon

With the vaccine rollout well under way and the country starting to open back up we can’t wait to get a re-opening date to get the show back on the road and some normality.  Maintenance work has continued with the top rafters of the waltzer ready and waiting to be galvanised eliminating further paint jobs!

Our counterparts in the UK have opened up with their funfairs successfully and we hope to get our re-opening day soon.  It has been very  strange for most of the funfair industry not having opened up since October of 2019 and the novelty of Bank Holiday BBQs has faded !

Bumper Cars at Night – waiting for a re-opening date !

Please remember to support as many local businesses as you can.  Its been a difficult time and some may not recover.  Think Local, shop local, support local jobs !

Lots of long walks taking in the beautiful Wicklow scenery.  That’s something we miss, seeing all the beautiful sights around Ireland.


Stunning Glendalough

  The stunning Glendalough

                     Out on the Yacht !                                                    Remember to stay safe.

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